Almost half of all New Year's resolutions are related to self-improvement, fitness and weight loss. Unfortunately, only 8 percent of those resolutions are ultimately successful.

The team at SWEAT Fitness, a premier Philadelphia fitness club, offers the following predictions for 2014 fitness trends.

Personal Training: Personal Training is at the top of the list of fitness trends for 2014. This isn't your traditional one-on-one, 60-minute session. These 30-minute sessions are growing in popularity and are often referred to as "Mini-Personal Training Sessions."

Small group sessions or functional fitness classes taught to groups of 10 or less by your personal trainer are also a budding trend. These sessions are affordable and convenient for those who want to be in and out of the gym while still accomplishing something—everyone has 30 minutes!

Interval Training: Again we see the appeal of spending less time in the gym with impressive results. Interval training is at the top of the list again for 2014. Interval training involves extremely challenging exercises, alternated by moderate intensity and short exercises, and, if you're lucky, a short rest. You get it all – body weight exercises, weight training, endurance, cardio and stretching. In a short period of time you get limitless benefits.

Real Weight Loss: This is always the goal on a lot of people's lists for the New Year. However, 2014 is the time to be accountable and stop with the quick fixes.

Weight loss takes time and work and there is no better time to start than right now. Increasing your cardio isn't the only solution to drop those stubborn pounds. Surround yourself with people who eat healthy and keep a food journal—if you bite it, you write it. This is a vital step to reflecting on bad habits and teaching yourself to correct them—it's about changing your lifestyle.

Group Classes: Try something new! Males and females of every age and fitness level can benefit from group classes. The camaraderie and accountability achieved in a class is unmatched in solo workouts. Combining the best exercises from multiple disciplines is a great way to challenge your body and keep the muscles guessing!

Aquatics: This isn't your grandmother's pool workout. Modern aquatic workouts are challenging yet low impact, which decreases stress on joints while improving overall strength and sculpting every party of the body.

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