The runners behind Philadelphia's ODDyssey Half Marathon consulted with some of our best local running authorities and asked each of them to provide their top two tips on how to prepare for the GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon on November 17.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful to all runners, especially those new to the sport, reminding them of the importance of a good training regimen in order to perform at peak level.

Today's advice comes from Bennett Brookstein, the self-proclaimed "Mayor of Fairmount."

Tip 3 - "All your training and practice needs to be completed prior to race day.  So whatever you do for the last couple days will not change your performance."

Tip 4 – "Always get a good night sleep 2 nights before a race.  That way if you get some jitters,  you still have some rest."

Bennett Brookstein is "Da Prez" of the Fairmount Running Club and self proclaimed mayor of Fairmount. An accomplished runner of his own right, his Tuesday evening workouts are known to knock you on your butt and whip you into race shape.

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