A popular indoor cycling program is parking its wheels in Philly next week.

SoulCycle, which grew a cult-like following in New York, is opening its Center City location on Thursday, March 16 at 113 S. 16th St.

Each 45-minute class is a full body workout that promises to burn 500 to 700 calories. That's roughly the equivalent of four and a half glasses of white wine, but who's counting?

Classes cost $30, but your first ride is only $20.

To get the low-down on all things Soul we talked to instructor Sabine Gerdts, who relocated from Long Island to give Philly riders her undivided attention.For the uninitiated, what is Soul Cycle?
It is a full mind-body workout. It’s a cardio dance party on a bike. It’s in a room lit by candlelight and we do that to eliminate self-consciousness so that you get to really focus on what it is that you came to work for. What’s really kind of magical about SoulCycle is that it has a huge mental breakdown. It works your soul, your body and your mind.

And you mentioned there's an upper body component to this workout. It's not just all about your legs.
Exactly. So the class consists of choreography and the use of hand weights so that you're simultaneously toning your upper body and your core and you're working your legs throughout — you never stop moving your legs. So it really is a total body workout.

You’ve mentioned dance and choreography quite a bit. Is this a workout that requires a certain level of rhythm?
It’s so funny because a lot of riders come in saying, “I don’t have rhythm so I’m not going to be able to do this.” But anyone can snap their fingers to music so if you can snap your fingers or clap along to a beat then you can ride at SoulCycle.

That’s good to know. As an instructor, can you point out the “newbies” in your classes?
For sure! It’s so funny because often when a person is in class for their first time, they are so afraid to turn up the resistance — like if they turn it up too much, it’ll get too challenging. So I can always tell when it’s a person’s first time because there’s literally no resistance on their wheel and their legs are spinning out of control. But eventually everyone learns that you don’t have to be afraid of resistance. It kind of pushes you to places that you wouldn’t push yourself.

Typically in classes such as this, if you want to see results, you have to make sure that you're riding with proper form. Can you share some tips to make sure your form is correct?
I talk a lot about core in my classes because when you're on the bike, a lot of your weight is in your core. So I'll say, "Pull your belly button into your indoor cyclinge," "Lift your chest" and "Keep your chin up." Something you'll hear me say a lot in class is "Open heart, open chest." And make sure you pull your hips all the way back so that they're positioned right over your saddle. That's another thing I see with first-timers, where they lean forward and that is definitely the wrong thing to do.

What makes SoulCycle different from other indoor cycling studios in the city?
SoulCycle incorporates the mind-body connection more than other studios. I always tell people, “Whatever it is that you wanted to bring into the room, this is your safe space to work on it.” I know a lot of other studios use boards to see where you are in comparison to other riders to foster more of a competitive vibe but at SoulCycle, it’s a community ride. We ride as a tribe, as a team. There’s absolutely no competition. I don’t even love the idea of competing against yourself. You’re really just working with the entire room. We ride with a deeper purpose. That’s what I love about Soul.

Let’s talk about you. What came first —SoulCycle or indoor cycling?
Growing up, I was an athlete so I was always chasing endorphins. Over the years, I did indoor cycling classes at different gyms and had my certification but eventually I found SoulCycle and I was immediately drawn to it. I fell in love after my first class. There was something so beautiful and powerful and magical that happened in that room. I had no idea what I was doing but I remember smiling for the whole 45 minutes.

What's your favorite thing about being an instructor?
I love connecting with riders. As instructors, it's our job to be motivating and uplift riders but it is totally the riders who give it back to us. They're the ones that help us to stay motivated every single day, especially on exhausting days when you're teaching three classes. That connection is everything.

Speaking of affirmations, is there one motivational saying that you use in every class that really speaks to you?
In all of my classes I end up saying, "You are stronger than you think." That's a really big part of my life and it's such a universal idea. Sometimes we forget what we're capable of and we get stuck in this box that we create for ourselves and we don't realize our potential. Even just hearing someone other than yourself say that... it's like a light bulb goes off and you think "I am! I actually can climb this hill. I actually can sprint." I really like telling people that because it's so true.

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