Have you secretly been wanting to run away with Cirque du Soleil to fulfill your dream of stunning audiences with your aerial acrobatics? Well, before you pack your bags and leave a note for your family, a new AntiGravity Yoga studio in Emmaus, Pa., might be able to supply that thrill on a smaller, quieter scale (minus the thunderous applause from an audience). Whether you are a cirque performer in training or a yogi looking to spice up her routine, this type of class offers a strong workout with a flair for the dramatic.

AntiGravity Yoga® created by Christopher Harrison, former dancer and aerial acrobat, is a series of exercises that combines movements from yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics all from a silky hammock. One of the benefits of this type of workout is that it allows you to build your core body strength and flexibility without putting too much pressure on your joints. This unique workout that is good for participants of all experience levels has never been offered in the Philadelphia area until now.

Pennsylvania's first AntiGravity yoga studio, AntiGravity Yoga Lab, is opening its doors on Monday, October 20 at 687 State Avenue in Emmaus. The studio owned by Kristine McCreary will offer both AntiGravity Yoga® as well as traditional mat yoga.

The inspiration for the name of her lab came from McCreary's desire to offer a setting where her clients will feel free to experiment with what their body is capable of.

"AntiGravity Yoga Lab is a special place that provides a peaceful environment where anyone, any body type, may experiment with and investigate their body and mind by trying new things", said McCreary.

She added, "Whether guests are looking to improve their mat yoga, want a cardio workout or simply want to stretch sore muscles, hydrate joints and relieve stress, there's a class for everyone."

Unlike the stark white and antiseptic palate the word lab connotes, McCreary went for "a homey vibe" in her lab with a rustic feel and hand-scraped flooring. There are two studios inside. The AntiGravity Yoga studio features 15 AntiGravity Hammocks, designed to hold up to 2,000 pounds, which have been safely welded to the ceiling. Full-length mirrors will give you a chance to check your poses at all times. The traditional yoga studio offers cork flooring which is more comfortable on your feet during poses. You will be able to take both hot and warm yoga classes there.

On why she wanted to start her own studio, McCreary said that she is an entrepreneur by nature and has owned many businesses in Sante Fe, New Mexico where she lived before moving to the area when she remarried. She knew she wanted to start a business here, but she wasn't sure what kind until she started taking yoga.

"I started out just a yoga instructor," she explained.

Wanting to open a yoga studio of her own, but concerned because there already seemed so many out there, McCreary waited, but when she was introduced to AntiGravity® Yoga, she knew she had finally found her niche.

"After training in NYC, I knew I wanted to bring it here. We don't have any Antigravity studios here. Up until now, I have been doing privates in my basement", she said.

She is now a Level 5 instructor in AntiGravity Yoga.

McCreary is offering introductory package $65 for 5 AntiGravity Yoga sessions (normally $80) for those who'd like to take their own flight.

"This not just for the grand opening, but for any first time clients," she explained.

For a full list of classes and workshops visit agyogalab.com or call 484-929-4909.