A reader Mike P commented on my past article on getting through the hardest part of your workout. I wanted to share his great tip:

I always think the hardest part is when I have the opportunity to make progress. I think that I've done all this work to get to the point of the workout where I can add strength, endurance, and conditioning. I'm sure not going to waste all of that hard work. I work out to get to the hard part. It's the best part.

Mike's comment is an example of focusing on the positive. Thinking of something good about your workout will encourage you to exercise more. You're more likely to hit the gym if you're thinking, I love a challenge - let's see if I can beat my pace from last week. You're more likely to get out for a walk if you're thinking, I'm looking forward to chatting with my friend on our walk today.

By focusing on the positive, you'll also enjoy your workout more. Enjoy the sunshine if you're running outside. Enjoy the capabilities of your body when you're pushing yourself.

Have your own tip for the hardest part of your workout?  Share it in the comment or email me at sarah.whitman@drexelmed.edu.

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