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The no-equipment workout you can do at home

I don’t think there are words to fully capture the time I have spent thus far at the Olympic Training Center. It has been one of the best experiences of my life, without a doubt. The environment here is intense and electric, everyday. Everyday is a day to be the best and everyone here, from staff to athletes is making that happen.

Getting back into shape is a daunting task to maintain. Crafting a routine that avoids the usual barriers, like paying for a gym membership or expensive equipment, will help to decrease the likelihood that you will drop out.  You can get the results you want, and be a healthier you, using your body weight for targeted exercises at home.

When choosing a new workout routine, make sure that you pick one that you can stick with and can gradually make harder as it becomes less challenging.  The video in the article will show you a total body workout that you can do at home with no equipment that can be made as hard or as easy as you want it. To make the specific exercises more challenging, do more repetitions, or hold for longer time periods. Do this work out several times in a row to make it the most challenging.  If you feel that you want to add weight, start with a weight vest, which is safer and more challenging than hand weights or kettle bells.  To reduce the intensity of the workout, you can remove any of the jumping moves.  You may also tailor the speed of the movements, whether it be slower to make it easier of faster to make it harder.

To add a high-intensity component to this workout, mix in cardio intervals between each of the exercises.  This can be two minutes of jumping jacks, running in place, etc.  The point is that you get your heart rate up and keep it there for at least a minute.  You should aim to perform a workout like this for 30-45 minutes so keep repeating the exercises until you reach that desired time.

When starting a new workout, whether it is this workout or any other, do not go overboard. If you have never worked out or haven't done so in over a year, jumping back into the swing of things with improper form or an unattainable amount of weight will make injury inevitable.  Most people in a gym cannot do a proper body weight squat yet, they are the ones that have loaded their back with weight.  Moreover, I often see many people take exercise classes doing multiple repetitions of weighted lunges, yet had they just done a few with correct form, they would have gotten a better workout and not needed to add the hand weights.

Push yourself but do exercises that are sustainable.  These exercises may cause you to feel uncomfortable because they are working muscles that are not regularly. So while you may experience some discomfort, you should not push through any pain. The most important thing to understand is that you have to listen to your body.

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