Do you want to run with the in crowd this year?  If getting fit ranks high on your 2017 resolutions list, you're in luck as there are a ton of training trends transforming the fitness and gym game.  Say goodbye to those pesky pounds and tedious toning techniques by trying some of the top fitness trends of 2017.

Wearable Technology.  Next time you are at the office, or out with friends, look to see who's wearing a get fit gadget.  Chances are, you will see a ton of aerobic arm candy gauging heart rates, steps and sleep patterns.  Apple, Garmin and Fitbit were a hot stocking stuffer during the holiday season, and for good reason!  These devices are great for giving you a swift kick in the "time to get treading" tush, with hourly reminders to get up and move.

*Buyers Beware: While these devices are effective in promoting an overall healthier lifestyle, the calorie counters can be misleading as the numbers aren't always accurate.  Focus on the fitness factor and maintaining a well-rounded diet, rather than what you're burning.  Doing so will help you avoid indulging in more calories than you may have actually burned.

Strength Training.  Hey, ladies, it's time to lay those "I don't want to lift because I'll get bulky" boogie monsters to rest.  More and more scientific evidence has indicated that strength training is a necessary tool for staying fit.  Unless you are sneaking extra testosterone and cheese into your diet, beefing up shouldn't be a concern.  A fitness routine that is strictly cardio will not cut it anymore.  Resistance training is the key to strong bones, maintaining a healthy weight, increasing muscle mass and fighting diseases such as diabetes.

Body Weight Training.  If you read my articles, you may have noticed body weight training is a major focus.  Not only are these workouts effective, they are incredibly convenient, as they require no equipment and can be done virtually anywhere.  These exercises can be modified to any fitness level, and are a real money saver if a gym membership doesn't fit your budget.  Many of these moves start with the basics: push-ups, planks, squats and lunges.  Once you have mastered how to properly execute these exercises, there is no end to the number of variations you can create for your workout.

Personal Trainers.  You can have all the gadgets and gizmos in the world, yet finding your motivation to move can still be a challenge.  Having a fitness friend helps keep you accountable for showing up and getting down to business.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the personal training industry is expected to grow 8 percent between 2014-2024.  With more and more accelerated-level accreditation programs available, fitness professionals are better educated than ever.  There is a perfect trainer out there for everyone, so do your research and find the one that is right for you.

This is your year.

Earn it.

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