Is your desk job adding weight to your waistline? The majority of Americans spend their day sedentary, resulting in poor posture, weight gain and sloppy eating habits. Hours spent screen scrolling and donut dipping at your desk has transformed your jawline into a bird-like feature. While a Pelican neck is appealing if you are nose diving into the Atlantic for a fresh catch, it is not so flattering for your physique or the integrity of your spine and core muscles.

Daily physical activity should not be limited to balancing a mug of coffee and a plate of Morty's birthday cake from the break room to your desk. It is time to give your old health habits two-week's notice and start investing in your future. Check out this office-friendly workout that will have you pushing more than just your pencil.

Entry Level. If you have a pulse, you are familiar with the mechanics involved in sitting down and standing up. If not, I want you to pull out a Post-It note, write on it "KICK ME," and stick it to your forehead for the day. Chair sits are an exercise that elevate your heart rate, warm up your legs and convince your coworkers that you have a hotheaded hemorrhoid.

This exercise is as simple as it sounds: While keeping your shoulders back and core muscles activated, push through your heels on the standing phase and thrust your hips forward to contract your glute muscles. Sit back down, maintaining similar form. Once familiar with the form necessary to properly execute what is essentially an assisted squat, promote yourself to the next level by removing the chair and adding a jump to each repetition.  Repeat with a steady pace for 60 seconds.

Clerical Core Care.  It is crunch time. Your abs are on a tight deadline now that the summer season is upon us. A toned tummy can be achieved simply by using your desk as a piece of equipment. Place both hands on the desk, aligning your shoulders over your wrists. Position your body so it forms a straight line from head to heel, and hold for 60 seconds. A progression for this exercise is to maintain the plank position while using your hands to tap opposite shoulders without rocking your body. Mix in a pushup between repetitions. This will activate the chest and back muscles in addition to the abdominal area.

Short-Staffed. If you haven’t freaked out your coworkers enough at this point, the following exercise will have them excluding you from that lunchtime trip to the Olive Garden - hallelujah, hold the bread sticks. Lower body exercises burn serious calories due to larger muscles burning more energy. A Wall-Sit is wildly simplistic in theory, however after a few short seconds your legs will begin to shake like a Jello mold. Hold this position for 60 seconds. A progression entails holding the Wall-Sit position (weight in heels, shoulders pressed into the wall), and lift each leg slowly for a minute. {Repeat this circuit 3-5 times}


All work and no play makes Jack an unhealthy boy.

Earn it.

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