No matter how you are involved in athletics, you need to know the dangers that accompany your sport. This Strained Sports infographic will help you digest the mountain of statistics and help you better understand how the injuries stack up against each other from sport to sport.


With the hope of informing, this graphic has the purpose of raising awareness of sports injuries, whether they are minor ankle problems or fatal brain injuries. Because the potential dangers aren't always at the forefront of discussions, learning about the more serious side of sports will allow you to make an educated decision about participating. Additionally, this infographic can serve as a guide to understand what sort of injuries to watch for by sport.

Who Do Injuries Impact?

With important statistics about the legal history, potential long-term consequences and comparisons of sports injuries, this infographic is a vital resource for more than just participants of different sports. Parents will be able to better protect the health of their children involved in sports. Coaches can better prepare their athletes against certain injuries. Colleges will be able to properly delegate medical staff and high schools will know which sporting events to provide extra support for.

Research Method

Specializing in injury law, Katherman, Briggs & Greenberg created this infographic for the purpose of raising awareness about sports injuries. To accurately compile statistics, they cross examined several sources like USA Today, The Journal of Athletic Training, American Association of Neurological Surgeons, and the University of North Carolina.

The infographic provides information like the most common basketball injuries and which sports have the most injuries. This information will give athletes, coaches, parents and institutions the knowledge to make better health decisions, better preparations and even have better expectations. With this infographic, you have the information necessary to make yourself aware of the dangers that accompany playing sports and the knowledge to properly prepare yourself, your child, your player or your student athlete.

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