Second terms are always hard for Presidents and Barack Obama's is likely to be harder than most. As a lame duck in his second term, scandals are making him more lame.

First, Benghazi. The Administration almost made it go away, until ABC's Jonathan Karl uncovered a series of memos following the trail of edits that pretty much proved the White House knew it was a terroristic attack from the jump.

Then, IRS selectively targeting right-wing groups (and others, I hear). The President said that "If this, in fact, did happen...." He said this after the IRS admitted it did happen. WTF? Is he not reading his Daily Morning Briefing? When NBC's Lisa Myers describes it as selective prosecution, you know you have a problem.

Now, seizing AP records. When Carl Bernstein calls it "inexcusable" and "intimidating," you know you have a problem.  Here's the New York Times account:

Attorney General Eric Holder has to sign off on such searches, which should happen only when national security is involved. The White House was not interested in leaks to its benefit, no surprise, but wants to suppress that which it doesn't like?

Does Obama have a plumbers unit?

What did the President know and when did he know it?