Frank Rizzo's name has been among those floated as a possible mayoral candidate.

This Wednesday former D.A. Lynne Abraham and state Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams will announce for mayor, but Rizzo? Not yet.

His Plan A is to run for mayor, he told me this afternoon. For him to declare for mayor, the political stars would have to align in a particular way, and he declined to specify what he meant.

He did go on the record with this: He has a Plan B, which is locked: "If I don't run for mayor, I will run for Council At-Large. There's no question. I miss walking up those five flights each day" to his office, he joked.

He was not joking when he said he knew what his campaign T-shirts would say: "Rizzo 24/7."

He'll run as a Democrat and remains peeved at Republicans. In the 2011 primary, he lost his bid for a fifth term and believes it was more Republican perfidy than his participation in the controversial DROP program that spelled doom for him.

"I love the city and I love the job of helping people and I've got a little juice left and I'm going to use it. I'm very good at constituent service," he says.

Rizzo did make his rep on that and my feeling is he'd rather be in Council than be mayor. But we'll have to see how the stars align.