Before the March for Clean Energy left City Hall Sunday at 1 p.m. -- by foot, not bus (jk) -- for Independence Hall, it hosted a carnival of causes around the apron of City Hall.

Pockets of groups every few feet put me in mind of apples on a tree. There was something for every taste, from green Granny Smith to red Delicious.

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They were there for clean water and clear air -- and the temperature pushing 90 around noon gave clear meaning to global warming.

There were signs condemning fossil fuels, natural gas -- especially fracking, as you would expect.

Alternatives? Solar power. Wind power. Tidal power.

Nuclear power? Um, no. Not that.

My favorite? “Boycott Animal Agriculture.”

Philadelphian Adam Shriver was handing out pamphlets explaining how raising livestock is harmful to the environment, something I knew.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy -- and resources -- to bring cattle, for instance, to market.

Even worse: “There is a strong correlation between menthane emission (cows farting) and climate change,” he said, and that is factual.

How to help? “Eat less meat. You’d be improving the environment,” Shriver said.

Just less, I asked, not eat no meat?

Shriver smiled. “No is better, but less is in the right direction.”

Wynmoor lawyer Aaron Stemplewicz works for the Delaware River Keepers and his big gripe was fracking, followed by pipelines.

He was a Bernie Sanders guy until the end, but realizes the end has come and now, he said (referencing Hillary Clinton’s tagline), “I’m with her . . . grudgingly.”

Assiske Campion came from Newark, Del., to stand with the several hundred other demonstrators.

“I’m here to support clean energy and action on climate for future generations,” she said. As to the election, she’s undecided “between the bigot and the war criminal.”

Welcome, delegates.

My favorite sign was, “There is no Planet B.”

My least favorite: “America Was NEVER Great. We Need to Overthrow This System.”


No, the Revolutionary Communist Party.

“Our goal is communism where people are not divided into rich and poor, masters and slaves, rulers and ruled,” I am told by Travis Morales from New York City.

I resisted the impulse to ask if he has ever heard of China, Cuba, and the (late and not-lamented) Soviet Union.

The goal is to overthrow the system as soon as possible, he said.

How, I ask? Bernie wanted to do it through the ballot box.

How many state ballots will the RCP be on?


So how will you overthrow the system?

I can’t quote him because he talked too fast, but it was something like they will harness millions of Americans yada yada yada.

And then?

We will harness millions of Americans.

To do what?

We will harness millions of Americans.

I took his picture and wished him luck.

Bad luck.

Wandering around the perimeter there were posters decrying drones, and endless war and then a huge horizontal balloon calling on Hillary to endorse marijuana.

After this week, she might need a doobie.