It was a pretty busy few weeks for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, rounding up convicted felons turned loose in Mayor Jim Kenney's damn-the-safety-of-the-citizens Sanctuary City.

Let's take a look at three felons the city released, ignoring ICE's request to be notified so they could be collared and deported.

Mexican national Marco Arturo Juarez-Ramos, 27, was arrested Aug. 15 and released Aug. 18 after posting $2,500 bail. The chance of him showing up for his hearing was about the same as the Eagles winning the Super Bowl this year.

Juarez-Ramos, who had a previous conviction for drunk driving, this time was charged with possessing instruments of crime, terroristic threats, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.

This is the kind of gem Mayor Jimmy thinks should be shielded from deportation.

But wait -- he was not the worst of the three.

Another Mexican national is Elvis Velasquez-Roblero, 36, released shortly after his Aug. 3 arrest.

Because of faulty court records -- a lot of these jokers use aliases -- ICE couldn't say what the current charges are, but did report he had prior convictions for aggravated assault and weapons offenses.

Weapons offenses usually mean g-u-n, which usually creates hysteria in city officials, who do everything in their power to keep guns out of the city. Not this time.

The city did not turn Velasquez-Roblero over to ICE for removal. He was, no doubt, another of Mayor Jimmy's famous poor, innocent people who mean no harm. Except when they do harm, but, what the hell, Philadelphia doesn't care.

The big fish among the trio of mooks is Fabio Dalloco, 46, an Italian citizen who was arrested after customs officials at Philadelphia International Airport found 14 pounds of cocaine in his suitcase last year.

His case makes him a little different because he did have the "documents" to get into the country legally.

He was convicted and served more than a year but the city ignored ICE's request to be told when he would be released and he was set free Aug. 3. ICE found and arrested him Aug. 16 and he is now awaiting deportation.

Fourteen pounds of coke. To Mayor Jimmy, he's just a casual user. We don't want to cruelly expel such an immigrant -- who pleaded guilty -- on such a puny charge.

It's all part of Mayor Jimmy's insane and dangerous Sanctuary City idea that seems constructed to spite the federal government.

Mayor Jimmy fancies himself a social engineer with a law unto himself, so he can break the federal law mandating cooperation with ICE with impunity. Amazingly, the federal government lets him get away with it. Democrat privilege?

He's ordered prison and police authorities not to cooperate with ICE. The mayor's office issued a statement that "these arrests by federal agents are proof that our policy works -- that they don't need to reply on PPD. They clearly have other tools in their arsenal to go after individuals they seek."

It's Mayor Jimmy's position that it's OK to cause the feds extra time, effort and expense. And he's talking only about those ICE captures, not the many it doesn't.

In Mayor Jimmy World, all illegal immigrants are good, starting with the garden variety ones who work jobs they shouldn't have, but going all the way up to those convicted of crimes such as assault, drunken driving, robbery and drug dealing.

Welcome, foreign felons, bring your talents to Philadelphia.

Mayor Jimmy's soft-hearted and muddle-headed policy turns loose convicted felons, where they will prey on their own community.

It's only a matter of time before one of these convicted foreign felons beats, robs, rapes or kills a Philadelphian.

And their blood will be on Mayor Jimmy's hands.