It has become much more acceptable to see men in the salon, a destination once only for women. Many area businesses have started to offer specific services targeted towards male clientele. This Movember, we have compiled a list of the 6 best beauty services offered in Philadelphia for men.

From eyebrow threading to manzilians, we have it all for the Philadelphia gent looking to get groomed.


Man buns are trending, and Aliana Wray at Charlie's Salon (203 S. 12th St.) has become an expert in men's hair since she started in 2003. Now, she executes the trendiest styles on male clients from man buns to tight fades. When asked about current trends in men's cuts, Alaina answered, "Longer styles with really close, faded sides. Super tight fades as well as lower, longer fades. Hard parts and creative fading have been trending all this year. But more men are playing with longer styles. If you want to grow your hair out, I recommend coming in for hair shaping and texturizing every 6-12 weeks." So even if you want to celebrate Man Bun Monday, visit Alaina at Charlie's first to figure out your plan of action.

Men's haircuts at Charlie's Salon range in price from $30 to $40 with free clean ups between cuts. 215.923.3123


The Paul Labrecque Gentlemen's Salon & Barber Shop at The Rittenhouse Hotel (210 W. Rittenhouse Sq.) is a luxurious destination for men's grooming, offering haircuts and shaves in a barbershop setting. In a cozy corner designed specifically with the male in mind, Master Barber Brittany Johnson leads the shop's beard grooming efforts. She chatted with us about trends in beard grooming, "Currently, beards are trending towards a natural look where the hair tapers off as opposed to the defined lines we have seen in years past. Fuller beards are also becoming more commonplace. With a little maintenance, the client will achieve a cleaner look while sustaining a masculine appearance."

The shop offers three options for hot shaves: the Sports ($55), Premier ($75) and Indulgent ($95). 215.790.2500


Facial hair upkeep shouldn't stop at your beard or moustache. At pristine Anjuthreads (1126 Walnut St., 2nd floor), men can get brows threaded, a more healthy and holistic approach to facial hair removal. Threading achieves that natural but groomed look men desperately need. While at times more painful than waxing or tweezing methods, threading has long term benefits that outweigh the few seconds of discomfort. Anju Treohan of Anjuthreads explained, "It is catching on for guys. Guys are very particular about their facial hair and how they keep it groomed and how they want to look. It doesn't stop at your beard or moustache. Thread is caught in a loop. It is round through the loop until it is lifted through the root.

The first time is always the hardest but the second time will be so much easier." $13 for eyebrow threading. $5 for unibrow. 215.592.1801


If threading is for the face, then waxing is for the body. Just around the corner from Rittenhouse Square, The Bronzed Bee (406 S. 20th St.) offers airbrush tanning and complete waxing services. Lately, men have been taking advantage of the back waxing and manzilian services offered at this boutique salon. Yes, you heard correctly. Owner Ashley Piotrowski talked about this candidly, “A manzillian is everything. Front to back, all hair off. We get the occasional man who gets it. Benefits are it keeps you cleaner. It’s good for hygiene. Shaving makes you more susceptible to ingrown hairs and opens up your pores to bacteria as well. We also do a lot of back and chest waxing for men as well.”

A manzilian costs $75 with three week maintenance for $55. $50 for back waxing. $40 for chest waxing. 267.928.4393


You will find no pink at Rescue Spa (1601 Walnut St.), a 7,500-square-foot urban oasis in the heart of Center City. All amenities are featured in a sleek, grayscale setting that screams GQ masculinity. When asked about the importance of men's grooming, Rescue Spa owner Danuta Mieloch responded, "Men's grooming is essential. It's quite simple to have your nails shaped, eyebrows trimmed, and any excess ear & nose hair groomed. Pedicures are an easy way to take care of tired feet, get rid of calluses, and maintain healthy feet."

The spa offers specially adapted "man"icures and pedicures for the male in mind. $25 for a "man"icure or $40 for a pedicure. 215.772.2766


Eviama Life Spa (109 S. 13th Street #2N) in Midtown Village offers a nationally recognized facial using all natural and organic products. One of the most popular facials for men is the Special Challenge Corrective Facial. Eviama spa pros suggest this in-depth facial when you have a challenge such as acne or clogging, stress or hormonal imbalance, too much sun or air travel, uneven tone, moisture issues and fine lines.

75 minutes for $139 or 90 minutes with Acne Color Balance for $149. 215.545.3344


For more information on Movember and how you can become involved in saving and improving the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems, please visit