Move over Neuschwanstein Castle. There's a new tourist attraction in Berlin that's, well, not exactly the dreamhouse Barbie was expecting.

The grand opening of the life-sized "Barbie Dreamhouse" Thursday was met with gaggles of feminist protesters shouting "pink stinks" and holding signs like, "I will free you from the horror house." The dozen or so activists gathered in front of the Malibu model of the house, one man dressed in pink with a sign that read, "Do you like me now?" as they partook in an (un)ceremonious burning of a Barbie doll on a cross. The imagery, though blatantly terrifying, is part of a campaign called "Pinkstinks," the antithesis of the ever-present "Pink Rocks" slogan slapped across Barbie merch. Which makes us think these protesters probably did not drive a Barbie Jeep down their driveways when they were younger, dressed in head-to-toe pink.

The "Barbie Dreamhouse" Experience is said to expect anywhere up to 3,000 visitors each day. It will stay in Berlin until August when it will continue its European tour.