YouTube beauty vlogger Deepica Mutyala's video on "How to Mask Dark Under Eye Circles" nearly broke the Internet, garnering over 4 million views in just a month.

The fight against dark under eye circles, whether from genetics or lack of sleep, has always been a topic of interest for beauty experts and makeup artists. However, Mutyala's video in which she is gleefully applying a red, raccoon-ish ring around her eyes using a tube of red MAC lipstick made everyone do a double-click.  She became an Internet sensation, appearing on "The Today Show" and other national media outlets to explain her wildly popular video.

But the proof was in the concealer. The dark under eye circles that plagued Mutyala at the begging of her tutorial were completely gone with just a coating of red lipstick topped off with her normal concealer.

Her theory behind it is an old makeup artist trick.  You're basically canceling out the dark circles by using the opposite color on the color wheel.  There are several color correcting makeup products on the market that do the same thing.  Using lipstick is just a DIY version of them. And not one red lipstick fits all. Mutyala's orange red shad of lipstick works well on her tan skin, while someone with a fair complexion will need to use a blue hued red.

I wouldn't advise everyone to try this at home, as this look could potentially be disastrous if not done right.  If you're hesitant about trying Mutyala's trick, try one of these full coverage concealers, along with a color-correcting palette to banish dark under eye circles:

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