Philly-based red carpet fashion bloggers Tom and Lorenzo proposed to each other via Twitter today after hearing the the Supreme Court found the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

The couple has been together for 17 years, while sharing a blog about what the celebrities are wearing since 2006.

(To learn more about Tom and Lorenzo, read my profile from last year.)

Tom was working on a Mad Style post, an in-depth analysis of "Mad Men's" fashion (if you like '60s fashion or the AMC drama, these are must-read) when Lorenzo told him about the SCOTUS decision. Lorenzo asked if Tom wanted to tweet something to mark the occasion.

Check it out:

Then the outpouring from fans began. Lorenzo's reply currently has 193 Retweets and 279 Favorites.

The proposal wasn't totally spontaneous, Tom told me. They had been talking about getting married for awhile. "There was nothing holding us back emotionally," he said, but they wanted to wait until gay marriage was "more legally recognized across the board."

"We have been up and down the mountain, we've been tested so many times. We've done our time together," said Tom.

As for the most important question: What are they going to wear? Tom says he'll go with his grey pin-striped Versace suit, while Lorenzo will probably opt for his Simon Spurr plaid suit.

The couple plans on having a small ceremony, maybe the two of them and a select group of friends.

"We're more thrilled for the young gay people who are going to take this for granted," Tom said. "And won't have to wait for the mid 40s to get married."