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It's Christmas time in the White House ...

... and fashion is abounding.

I told you Sasha and Malia Obama were going to be the  women to watch in the White House. We already know the thunder the first lady can bring.

The photos of the Obamas in front of a Christmas tree released yesterday, speaks to a modern tween style sprinkled with the girls'sense of  individuality.

Malia went for a silver dress (part of this year's trendy winter white look) with a boat neck collar, a gray sweater and she jazzed the look up with burgundy tights. Sasha wore a satiny green dress with a-little-bit-too-deep-in-my-opinion- V-neckline. She topped it off with a gold sweater. It's just more proof that Sasha is a firecracker when you think about it.

Late last week,  the Obama girls wore modified pea coat styles in bold orange and pink for the White House Christmas Tree lighting that got the fashion blogs all a flutter.  Malia rocked a simple orange hat. Sasha, however,  opted for a silvery black knit hat that she popped so far back on he head, it looked like a smurf cap.

What do you think of the Obama girls' holiday looks? Do you think they are about to rock out the White House?