Talk about the trend toward gender ambiguous fashion.

Kanye West didn't say anything outrageous at Wednesday night's star-studded 12-12-12 concert at Madison Square Garden. But his outfit was, well, interesting.

West rocked - get this - a $225 Pyrex Religion hoodie (drug reference, maybe?) a black leather kilt (whatever, that was a skirt)  and he layered - yes layered - it  over skinny black leather  jeggings. (The new term out there is meggings man+jeggings, smh.) I'm thinking his sneaks are some form white on white  Air-Jeezys. It's so Alexander Wang meets Rick Owens meets Betsey Johnson.

Hip hop has come a long way. Brothers are wearing skirts!

To be fair to Kanye, the fashion-obsessed rapper has been trying out differnt versions of the jeggings style at various concerts for about a year now. Some leather. Some glitter. All different.

The look Wednesday night, however, elicited chatter and Tweets from  fashion police all over including this less than flattering response from New York rapper, Cam'ron.  According to FOX news, Kanye's Skirt now has a Twitter account and by Thursday morning had garnered 1,000 followers. This is too much.

Crazy - although I must say his performance was pretty phenomenal. He performed a nice selection of his hits from "Jesus Walks" to "Gold Digger"  The performance was filled with the artist's best work.

Kanye is really feeling free in his fashion expression. Either that or he's going over the deep end, to total vogue-land and any fashionista knows: once you go vogue, you never go back.

Oh, will someone please let me write this man's autobiography?

What do you think, Philly? Is Kanye fashion-forward of just fashion crazy?