If you're a curly haired girl and you haven't see Dove's new 'Love Your Curls' video, get your tissues ready. In an effort to get women and girls of all ages to embrace their natural curls, Dove kicked off their new beauty campaign with a video featuring little girls with curly hair talking about why they hate their hair

According to the campaign:

  • Only 10% of women in the US with curly hair feel proud of their hair
  • Only 4 in 10 girls with curly hair think that their hair is beautiful
  • Little girls are 7X more likely to love their curls if people around them do

While it's heartbreaking to hear girls at such a young age struggle with their image and self-esteem, Dove makes it clear that it's up to us as mothers, aunts, sisters and friends to help our girls love their curls by embracing our own.

Feeling empowered (and a tad curl-shamed), I'm sharing some of my curly hair tips I've learned throughout the years by trial and error and a ton of products.

  • Curly hair needs moisture. Skip the daily shampoo.  I wash once a week and in-between shampoos, I do a co-wash (washing your hair with conditioner).
  • When you do shampoo, choose one without harsh chemicals and sulfates, which can be drying on hair.
  • Use a t-shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair
  • To maintain curls overnight, sleep with a satin or silk pillowcase and hair piled into a high ponytail

For more on my curly hair routine, check out a more in-depth post about it on my blog.