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Photos: Amanda Bynes shows up to court in a wig, sweats

This is Amanda Bynes' idea of a good court appearance outfit.

Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday evening after allegedly throwing - or according to the Associated Press, "heaving," a bong out a window from her midtown Manhattan apartment.

The actress, who was promptly charged with reckless endangerment Friday morning, was snapped walking out of criminal court in an eclectic outfit: Gray sweats with a stain to the right, a black Versace/Fersace sweatshirt with the brand's gold emblem stamped across the chest, and a platinum, disheveled wig to top it all off.

Albeit, unless you're Paris HIlton, most people typically do not look their best when they're handcuffed and at the mercy of the law. But hey, at least she's covered up this time.

AP Photos / APTN