Its interiors are like a whimsical forest in the middle of the Arizona desert. The clothes, accessories and antiques are heavenly chic and stylish. Moon & Arrow is, without a doubt, one of the brightest new boutiques in Philadelphia.

Officially opened in November of 2012, the store resides on South 4th street, famously known and referred to as Fabric Row. Previously home to one of the largest textile stores on the block, Kincus Fabrics, owner Chelsea Pearce has managed to completely re-imagine the space to create one of the most charming boutiques you will ever lay eyes on. "It's like a treasure hunt in here," says Pearce, "I want that experience for every person who comes in."

The space is shared with long time friends, Territory Hard Goods. They take up the left side of the store with their vintage house wares and decor. On the other side, you will mostly find second hand clothing, local handmade treasures, beautiful works of art and other one-of-a-kind gems.

Etched brass and copper necklaces by The Stone Harvest - based out of Pennsylvania.

South Philadelphia's Refind creates foliage-inspired decor using salvaged materials as the base.

Moon & Arrow's vintage clothing selection doesn't skimp on quality, quantity or style.

Made in Guatemala with hand-woven fabrics and recycled tires for the soles - by Lino Clothing

Chelsea is best known for her uniquely stylish jewelry line, which she makes by hand. Pictured here: Necklaces made from brass tubing and wooden beads.

More hand-made jewelry, by Chelsea.

Train-rail smashed penny necklaces hang from a tree limb - by Lucky Necklaces.

Leather cozies by Brian Norris.

Reverend Michael Alan is behind these gorgeous dream catchers. You may recognize his name, and work, from Art in the Age's Root and Snap liquor campaigns–a man of many talents.

Based in Philadelphia, SKEEM makes soy candles adorned with custom screen-print designs.

Chelsea Pearce (pictured above) knows where every product came from in her store and has a tale to tell about each. At the moment, she only occupies one third of the store's space but she plans to utilize every inch of it in the near future for more hand-made products, craft workshops and events.

Moon & Arrow • 754 S. 4th St. • 215.469.1448 • • Facebook