In January, a petition proposing Victoria's Secret carry a mastectomy bra line gained national attention after it had amassed 100,000 plus signatures in a matter of weeks.

27-year-old Allana Maiden started the petition in response to her mother, who had a mastectomy due to breast cancer, and her struggle for over two decades to find a properly-fitting bra. Limited Brands, the parent company of Victoria's Secret, agreed to meet with the pair, even flying the mother-daughter duo to its headquarters to discuss ideas and the next big step: Research, which was completed this Spring.

On Monday, the brand stated in a release that based on research findings, it will not move ahead with the production of a "Survivor" bra line.

"Through our research, we have learned that fitting and selling mastectomy bras…in the right way…a way that is beneficial to women is complicated and truly a science," said brand rep Tammy Robert Myers. "As a result, we believe that the best way for us to make an impact for our customers is to continue funding cancer research."

Limited Brands has donated more than $1.6 million to breast cancer research efforts including the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society. The company also claims to have also raised $10 miillion for cancer research at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The lingerie retailer notified Maiden once the research was completed. She told ABC News, she was appreciative of the brand's efforts but disappointed. "Cancer research doesn't help survivors feel beautiful after the battle is over– mastectomy bras do," she said in a statement.

"I felt that if anyone could do it, they could," she told ABC. "But with more than 1000 stores in 49 states, Victoria's Secret is in a position to help empower so many more women to feel beautiful after their battles with cancer."

The National Cancer Institute estimates that 232,340 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone in the United States. Among that number, 39,620 women will die.