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Could Brock Lesnar return to UFC in 2014?

The word around Brock Lesnar ever since his last WWE match in August was that he would return to the company at some point, preferably WrestleMania, and continue to work for the company on a semi-regular basis.

But there is another possibility that apparently surrounds Lesnar – a return to the UFC.

According to Mike Chiappetta of, the speculation surrounding Lesnar's possible return to the Octagon has been running rampant.

So much so, that there were rumors of a secret meeting set to take place between Lesnar and UFC president Dana White this weekend.

During a presser for UFC 168, White denied the rumor.

"Really? I don't know. I honestly don't know," he said.

Chiappetta also reported that Fox Sports had spoken to two sources within UFC, neither of which had any knowledge of the alleged secret meetings.

According to Chiappetta, if Lesnar were to return to the UFC, it would happen after WrestleMania 30 in April. Lesnar is scheduled to appear on the show for WWE.

For Chiappetta's full report, click HERE.