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WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan talks about his journey in the wrestling business with Steve Austin

Steve Austin had WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan as his most recent guest on the family-friendly version of the "Steve Austin Show" podcast.

It was a great conversation between the two and here are some highlights of what Bryan had to say:

On Raw being three hours, "I think the biggest difference is the acts that are just kind of starting to get over or haven't gotten over yet have a much harder time in that third hour. It is so difficult for those people."

"If you're on around 10:15 or 10:20 and they've already seen John Cena and they've already seen CM Punk and they've already seen Triple H and whoever, if you're going out there and you got a cold match and people aren't quite into you yet sometimes it's really, really hard for those guys."

"A lot of times by the third hour the crowd is tired."

"As far as performance, I always prefer, unless I'm I something special, to be on in one of those first two hours because you know the crowd is going to be more excited and more on their feet."

On why he does not travel on a tour bus, "Quite frankly, it would be very, very difficult for me to do it because the tour bus is very, very expensive. I've only made good money the last two years."

"For me it's just not financially viable right. It's more like a couple of years down the road because I need x amount of savings. I'm very logical in my spending so I'm not going to spend all the money on the bus until I know I'm financially secure enough to spend that kind of money."

On when he and Brie Bella are going to get married, "We haven't set a specific date, what we're thinking is the weekend after WrestleMania purely because after WrestleMania is the only time where we get a break."

On the grind of the wrestling business, "The crazy thing is that I've heard people call it the grind and I've never considered it that. I've been a gypsy kind of my whole life so to me it's fun."

"The only thing that's hard is the really long drives after Raw when Raw doesn't get over until after 11 and you've been in the main event and then you have to shower and then you have to drive 300 miles to the next town and still be at TV at 2 p.m. Those are the times when it feels like a grind."

On popping the question, "We went to Big Sur because we needed a little vacation and that little thing and Brie […] we went on a five-mile hike and when we got to the very top of the mountain and it's overlooking the Pacific Ocean and it's just beautiful and that's when I did it."

"I kind of knew that would be the spot and it's amongst all the redwoods and we're nature people so she was just thinking that we were just taking a vacation. She's been anticipating me getting engaged to her for a long time. At WrestleMania this year, which is way back in April, we went ring shopping together just to kind of get a gauge of what she likes so we've been on kind of the same page for a while."

On almost being trained by Dean Malenko instead of Shawn Michaels, "I went and trained with Shawn Michaels when I graduated [from high school], but that wasn't the plan. I was a huge, huge Dean Malenko fan and he had the Malenko School of Wrestling, which was down in Florida. When I was a sophomore in high school, before I had even turned 16 I was working a crap job like sweeping floors at McDonald's and stuff like that, but I had saved up my $500 deposit when I was 15 to go to wrestling school. I sent it off to a lady named Phyllis Lee, who I guess was handling the money for the Malenko School of Wrestling, but then right before I graduated from high school, the school shut down."

On being on the fan-submitted cover of WWE 2K14, "I was actually kind of blown away because I was on the fan cover for both the domestic and overseas video game as well. It's very, very humbling because I don't see myself as a star. It's very, very strange to me that somebody took the time and effort to do that. The covers that the people made were awesome. We have a talented fan base. There are a lot of people who can do amazing things."

On his scruffy look, "I got this idea that I needed to change. You constantly need to evolve, especially with WWE and how much programming the WWE puts out all the time. I feel like there needs to be a constant evolvement of your character, especially to get to the next level. I started growing out my beard just to look a little bit meaner. Then I wanted to start growing out my hair, but the hair part of it takes time and it goes through awkward stages. So I said that I was going to keep growing out my beard to distract people from the fact that I'm growing my hair. It wasn't until months after I started growing out my hair that Triple H came up to me and said, 'Are you growing out your hair?' My hair was already long enough that it wasn't in the awkward stage. Because the beard is so distracting, you don't even worry about what's going on up top. You just see this mess of a beard."

Bryan and Austin talked about these things and much more including a couple of entertaining stories about Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton.

Listen to the full episode HERE.