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Despite lackluster build, WWE delivers at WrestleMania 31

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - I, along with many others, was very critical of WWE's creative direction heading into WrestleMania 31.

My criticism of the WWE's creative direction during the lead-up its biggest annual showcase was for a variety of reasons: The company's television shows lacked any real sense of urgency, quality stories or real hot angles.

Outside of Brock Lesnar announcing that he was re-signing with the WWE live on ESPN, the buzz surrounding WrestleMania was lukewarm at best.

But despite that lackluster build, the WWE delivered Sunday night at Levi's Stadium.

There were numerous moments that will go down history. Moments such as Sting's first WWE match to the New World Order squaring off against D-Generation X. Moments such as The Undertaker making his first appearance in almost a full calendar to Seth Rollins becoming the first man to cash in his Money in the Bank contract at the mega event, the WWE offered up yet another memorable chapter in the grand history of WrestleMania.

In fact, the WWE seemingly had more buzz coming out of WrestleMania than it had going in, which is a very positive thing. Social media was buzzing with Ronda Rousey's involvement and ESPN SportsCenter showed highlights of Rollins' cash-in and WWE World Heavyweight Championship victory.

The WWE isn't completely off the hook, however. Not even by a long shot. The problems with the company's creative decisions that existed before WrestleMania didn't magically disappear after one night.

The WWE still needs to work on telling a consistent narrative that doesn't have gaping holes in logic, but for one night, when it counted the most, the WWE did it right and made millions of people all over the world proud call themselves wrestling fans.