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Reliving 'The Streak:' The Undertaker defeats Jimmy Snuka at WrestleMania 7

Now that The Undertaker's famous undefeated streak has ended, we can now look back it in its entirety. In the days leading up to WrestleMania 31, we will take a look back at every memorable chapter of the feat that can never be duplicated. Here's a look at what became the holy grail of professional wrestling

The Undertaker vs. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka (1-0)

WrestleMania VII | Los Angeles Sports Arena – Los Angeles | March 24, 1991

Attendance: 16,158

Match length: 4:20

It is no secret that The Undertaker has been a cornerstone for the WWE for more than two decades now, but it is still quite jarring to see how far he has come since debuting in the company in November of 1990.

Good evidence of The Undertaker's long journey was his debut at WrestleMania in 1991 against Jimmy Snuka.

The Undertaker's entrance, which has become more and more theatrical with each passing year, was merely him just walking down to the ring with Paul Bearer. The lights weren't even turned down for him yet.

The streak, which has helped WrestleMania become the global juggernaut it is today and was one of the major selling points for the event year after year, wasn't even a thing yet. That's probably the most amazing part about the streak, no one planned for it to happen. It just happened.

It just so happened that every time The Undertaker walked into WrestleMania, he was booked to win the match. Who would have thought something that happened out of sheer coincidence could have turned into one of the pillars that made WrestleMania what it is today?

The Undertaker's match, which has become an annual classic, was merely a squash match that didn't even last five minutes.

Snuka barely got any offense in, as The Undertaker dictated the pace for the duration of the brief encounter. I don't even remember The Undertaker leaving his feet upon my most recent viewing of this match.

The Undertaker's dominant victory over Snuka, who was a top star in the early part of the 1980s, was still very shocking despite the fact The Undertaker had shown very little vulnerability to that point.