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Reliving 'The Streak:' The Undertaker defeats Kane at WrestleMania 20

Now that The Undertaker's famous undefeated streak has ended, we can now look back it in its entirety. In the days leading up to WrestleMania 31, we will take a look back at every memorable chapter of the feat that can never be duplicated. Here's a look at what became the holy grail of professional wrestling.

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The Undertaker vs. Kane (12-0)

WrestleMania XX | Madison Square Garden — New York | March 14, 2004

Attendance: 18,500

Match length: 7:47

After three years of the biker version of The Undertaker, someone in the ivory tower in Stamford, Conn. decided that the former WWE Champion was in need of another makeover.

Instead of going in a new direction with the character, the people in charge opted to have The Undertaker return to his roots as the Demon of Death Valley.

The return of the old Undertaker was essentially the selling point of The Undertaker's match against Kane at WrestleMania XX, not the match itself. The match was set up all the way back in November of 2003 when Kane buried The Undertaker alive at Survivor Series.

In theory, this killed The Undertaker as we knew him. What Kane didn't expect was for The Undertaker to come back from the dead as his old self. For months, The Undertaker tormented Kane until he finally showed up at WrestleMania with his unforgettable music, his awe-inspiring entrance, his decadent black trench coat, his seemingly endless flock of druids and, of course, Paul Bearer.

Again, all of that was essentially what everyone came to see. People wanted to see the look, the entrance and hear the music. The match was secondary mainly because people had already The Undertaker face Kane numerous times, including once at a WrestleMania, marking the first time The Undertaker had faced an opponent more than once at the showcase of the immortals.

It was also the first time The Undertaker had participated in a WrestleMania at Madison Square Garden. WrestleMania X was at The Garden in 1994, but The Undertaker missed that show due to injury.

The match itself was a lot less eventful than their encounter at WrestleMania XIV, where there was a very good story being told before and during the match. This match was rather tame compared to that one.

It was rather short as well, clocking in at seven minutes and 47 seconds. It was especially short given the amount of hype that surrounded and its placement on the card.