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WrestleMania 30 updates on The Rock, Steve Austin; Jim Ross compares Alabama, Oklahoma to WWE stars

The Rock provided an update on his plans for WrestleMania XXX during a question and answer session he held on Twitter Tuesday afternoon.

His update didn't sound too optimistic as far as him wrestling in New Orleans.

Between Vince, Brock & myself our Wrestlemania 30 plan was ROCK vs BROCK. No plans now for 30 but possibly WM 31. #RockTalk @_JordanMayoral provided an WrestleMania XXX update for The Rock's main rival during his time in WWE — "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

According to the report, if Austin does appear at the event, it will not be in a wrestling role. Austin celebrated his 49th birthday Dec. 18, making the chances of him ever stepping in the ring for a match very, very slim.

One of Austin's close, personal friends Jim Ross took part in a question and answer session with, which covers University of Alabama football.

Ross was asked about his analysis of Alabama's game against Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl Jan 2. Ross is die hard Sooners fan.

Ross was asked if he could compare the two programs to a WWE wrestler and he chose Undertaker for Alabama and Shawn Michaels for Oklahoma.

"Let's pretend, because the Sugar Bowl is going to be in the site of WrestleMania, I would equate Alabama to being the Undertaker. If anybody follows the sports entertainment genre, WWE, they know that the Undertaker has never lost at WrestleMania," Ross said.

"So I would say that Oklahoma would be Shawn Michaels, because I never saw any athlete other than Shawn that had more confidence in their ability to steal the show than Shawn Michaels. Of course, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels had two epic matches at WrestleMania that the Undertaker won, by the way, both of them. But, boy, they were great performances, they were exciting from beginning to end, and they took us on a great ride. Hopefully, we'll get something comparable to that on Thursday."