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Catching up with Union technical director Rob Vartughian

I chatted with Union technical director Rob Vartughian after Major League Soccer's Re-Entry Draft wrapped up.

I chatted with Union technical director Rob Vartughian for a few minutes after Major League Soccer's Re-Entry Draft wrapped up. Here's what he had to say.

On not selecting a player in the second stage of the Re-Entry Draft:

I think there's a number of good players available, I just think that where we are right now and what we're looking to add, I'm not sure those options made sense right now I think we feel good about some of the other targets we are pursuing.

I think it's interesting to see some of the player movement and where some guys have gone. I just think for where we are and what we are looking to do we feel good about the direction we are going and some of the other places we are looking.

On whether those options could come from inside or outside of the league:

I would say both. All of us have been traveling extensively as this recruiting process has started and we've had targets for some time now that we've been vetting and doing our due diligence with.

There's always conversations that take place within the league as well and we've done a really good job of the college landscape and we have good draft picks this year. I'd say a combination of all the mechanisms by which you acquire players we feel good about the due diligence we've done so far.

On what midfielder Corben Bone, selected in the first stage of the Re-Entry Draft, brings to the team:

It's not a secret that we need to get better in the midfield. Corben is a very explosive, attacking creative midfielder, and I think he is in need of a new opportunity.

He is somebody with a lot of promise as a younger player. Whatever the case was in Chicago, he had very good players in the middle of the field ahead of him.

Whether that was lack of opportunity, whatever the reasons might be, we felt like given the parameters of him, that it was a relatively low risk on our part. It could be a good opportunity, and hopefully he one that he's been waiting for.

He's an attacking midfeilder type. Depending on how you play he can serve a couple of different roles. He could play wide - it just depends on how you play. He probably is best as a central creative midfielder.

On whether the team intends to use its SuperDraft picks or trade them:

It's hard to answer that question, because you never know what happens at the draft table. I would say there's always things that come up, opportunities that present themselves with other teams. We feel really good about the homework we did, and there's some guys we believe in and are promising.