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Rank and File: Union vs. Chicago Fire

Here are your player ratings for Saturday's game.

Here are your player ratings for Saturday's game.


Faryd Mondragón: 6.75
- "Not one of his best games. Beat shortside badly on the only goal. He did seem to also get a slight deflection on the ball Williams deflected to save a goal." (Pete Olmsted)
- "I've noticed him anticipate/cheat on saves before, and it has cost us two goals: home to LA and Saturday." (Mark Nakahara)


Danny Califf: 7.45
- "Our D-line is solid. Valdés checks people into the boards, Harvey is Mr. Dependable as long as the ref isn't hitting ye olde crack pipe, Sheanon Williams is the new Le Toux, and Danny stepped it up now that he has something to prove." (Ryan Measel)

Gabriel Farfan: 6.09

Jordan Harvey: 6.83
- "Thought he was excellent Saturday. Unluckily, but understandably subbed off for Torres." (Mark Nakahara)

Carlos Valdés: 6.83
- "Beast. May be the MLS signing of the year. Danny Calif should be driving him to the game each week, cause Danny has been almost as tough." (Pete Olmsted)

Sheanon Williams: 7.42
- "Most solid player on the pitch Saturday." (Jared R.)


Brian Carroll: 6.17

Michael Farfan: 6.08
- " Very much liked him in the midfield. Showed great offensively mindedness getting early shots on net including the goal. Additionally, his ability to drop back and interchange with Sheanon Williams when williams gets forward adds some dangerousness to the lineup." (Rob K.)
- "Great going forward, lively, and a nice if somewhat lucky goal. However, his defense is lacking, and once Harvey was subbed off, he was exposed multiple times." (Mark Nakahara)

Justin Mapp: 6.33
- "Made some moves that made me think he still has it, but I am not convinced." (Jared R.)

Kyle Nakazawa: 6.00
- "Kyle Nakazawa deserves some credit for being a significantly better player this season compared with last. This game provided more evidence of that improvement." (Osager)

Amobi Okugo: 5.20

Roger Torres: 6.82


Sebastien Le Toux: 6.42
- "Le Toux is not playing well enough to be able to complain to the referees on every single play the way he is." (Rob K.)
- "The little touch and turn should've been in, that was completely dirty. Keep working and the goals will come." (Joe Grady)

Carlos Ruiz: 7.75
- "Haters gotta hate, so I'm sure someone will have a problem with Ruiz this week. I give him credit for his honest appraisal of his free kick ('I kicked it bad"') that led to the goal. Even though he hasn't scored many goals, on a pure dollars-per-goal economic analysis, he is much more valuable than, say for example, Cristiano Ronaldo (sure, 51 goals, but he's paid like $14,000,000 per year). So take that, haters." (Osager)

In-depth economic analysis on a soccer blog. You never know what you will find on the Internet these days.