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Rank and File: Union at Kansas City

I almost forgot about this. But I shouldn't, because the game was played so it should be rated.

I almost forgot about this. But I shouldn't, because the game was played so it should be rated.

Granted, the Union's 2-0 loss to the Wizards at Kansas City's baseball-turned-soccer stadium isn't much worth remembering anyway. But we go on nonetheless.


Chris Seitz: 5.00
- "I feel sorry for Seitz, who has no chance given the Union's abysmal back four." (Nathan M.)


Cristian Arrieta: 4.17

Danny Califf: 3.83
- "Orozco and Califf may be game, but they have none. Both were repeatedly outclassed." (Nathan M.)

Jordan Harvey: 4.33
- "A work horse. Would love to see him move forward more, similar to his goal in Toronto." (Brad Y.)

Michael Orozco Fiscal: 1.67
- "A player being sent off, leaving more than 45 minutes of the game to be played a man down.  Can you say 'deja vu?'" Andrew Dillon)

Shea Salinas: 5.20


Fred: 5.00
- "I counted at least five times where his first touch popped straight up into the air. That's not going to get it done." (Brad Y.)

Andrew Jacobson: 4.25

Stefani Miglioranzi: 4.17

Amobi Okugo: 4.20
- "Okugo didn't look like a rookie in his first start.  Made some quality tackles, and seemed to hold his own out there." (Andrew Dillon)

Roger Torres: 6.00
- "I hope he works his way back into the starting XI, as I feel our best chance to win comes when he's on the field." (Brad Y.)


Sebastien Le Toux: 5.17
- "Le Toux had some decent runs from the midfield, and in Nakazawa's absence had some decent set pieces, but he doesn't pose a real threat unless he's playing up front." (Andrew Dillon)

Alejandro Moreno: 4.83
- "Not sure why Le Toux, rather than Moreno, was dropped back to make room for Mwanga.  Inasmuch as Moreno's game centers on passing and creating opportunities for others, that would have been more logical." (Nathan M.)

Danny Mwanga: 4.33
- "He seems to bring more life in the offensive third when he comes in as a sub with 20 minutes left." (Brad Y.)