I'm sure you've already read countless reports, columns and hot takes on Jurgen Klinsmann's firing. You don't need to read another one from me. So I'm going to keep this short, and just highlight a few quotes from U.S. Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati's conference call with reporters Tuesday afternoon.

The first came in response to a question from Sam Borden of the New York Times, who asked about the commitment Gulati made to Klinsmann in time, money and other resources over many years:

The second came from ESPN's Jeff Carlisle, who asked Gulati to expand on reasons why Klinsmann was dismissed beyond the two latest World Cup qualifying losses:

A few minutes later, Gulati said this in response to a question on the same subject from Yahoo! Sports' Leander Schaerlaeckens:

The final notable remark came in response to questions I asked, as follows:

Jurgen talked often about how much he wanted there to be more pressure on the national team program, on the players, on the clubs, on him, on the whole American soccer community. Do you think he got it? Do you think that changed during his tenure? And do you think it's going to increase, and perhaps influence the decisions you make going toward 2018 and beyond?

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