There weren't too many comments posted this week, and the ones that I did get were primarily aimed at Peter Nowak. So I'm going to just post the player scores, and then the comments about Nowak.

A note regarding the player scores: they really all are that similar. Almost all the players got 5 or 6 ratings from the voters.


Faryd Mondragón: 6.29


Danny Califf: 5.14

Jordan Harvey: 5.14

Carlos Valdés: 5.86

Sheanon Williams: 5.14


Keon Daniel: 5.33

Justin Mapp: 5.14

Amobi Okugo: 5.14

Roger Torres: 5.42


Sebastien Le Toux: 5.14

Jack McInerney: 5.83

Danny Mwanga: 6.00

Carlos Ruiz: 4.71

I have to give him credit, somehow this team with no cohesion is one point out of first in the east with an offense worse than the Phillies. Yes, the defense is improved, but the lack of offense or creativity from the midfield is not the result of a defensive focus. Change is needed at midfield and Torres alone is not the answer.

- Pete Olmsted

I give a 10 to Nowak for finally putting an offensive team on the field and being aggressive. It's just a shame he'll probably never do it again...since it seemed to completely make the defense lose it shape.

- Dave Q.

Sometimes it's better to not say anything at all.