Within the past ten years, the denim market has absolutely erupted. People have become infatuated with the wardrobe staple, and now are willing to drop upwards of 500 dollars on a single pair. We have seen many trends come and go in denim, but the latest? Actually watching your denim be produced in house.

Scott Morrison is the creator of two successful denim lines, Earnest Sewn, and Paper Denim & Cloth. Both lines provide high quality denim at different price points. With the success of both of these labels, Morrison has decided to open up a new concept shop, which he calls 3 x 1.

The experience allows customers to step into the store and workshop area where they can watch as about 25 pairs of denim are produced daily. From there, customers can purchase from the limited selection of denim on hand, where both men's and women's styles will be offered. Will this trend catch on with other high end denim labels? We're not sure, but this is one very interesting idea.

15 Mercer Street
New York
NY 10013
United States