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'Arrested Development' quizzo, at Drinker's

How well do you know the Bluth family?

This Sunday, tons of you are going to be glued to your respective watching devices–at precisely 3:01 a.m.–to pummel through all 15 half-hour episodes of the new Arrested Development.

But before Sunday comes, we're betting that you've been re-watching seasons one through three to make sure that you're caught up on every inside joke, memorable quote and many of the show's Easter eggs.

If you feel like you could write an in-depth analysis on the life and times of the Bluth family, go test your knowledge at Drinker's Arrested Development quizzo, tonight! Find out what a man in a $4,000 suit actually would do, and answer the age-old question, "Her?"

It all kicks off tonight, May 21 at 8 p.m., at Drinker's West in University City, 3900 Chestnut Street.

If you're not fully caught up, you can always reference NPR's AD joke cheat sheet.