Let's face it iPhone and Android users, we're all getting a little bit bored with games like Angry Birds and Words-With-Friends. Don't you want a brand new game with a hilarious concept and some amazing graphics? Well YOU can help to make that happen.Introducing, Catball Eats it All,the game that combines of all of your favorite video games.

Catball Eats it All is a game that features, what else, a little ball shaped cat that's on the hunt for some food! The concept is that Catball will roll it's way around crazy worlds at rapidly changing speeds eating everything in its path. As it eats, it grows. All the while, Catball will be trying to run away its arch enemy, the DogWall. The game's visuals are ALL hand illustrated by Yis Goodwin, aka NoseGo, and the music has been composed by Ben Thornewell, of Jukebox the Ghost. Both Philadelphia natives, even more of a reason to love this project!

The only thing holding this game from being launched is it's need for funding. Help support the Catball project by donating to the groups Kickstarter. If you aren't familiar with how Kickstarter works, with each donation you make, you'll recieve a reward based on the amount of money given. Don't think you have the money? You can donate a dollar and still get an awesome reward!

C'mon, how can you say no to that little Catball face? Check out the Kickstarter video below for more info.

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