Heads up Philly, a mind-blowing show is about to hit our city. Get ready for killer beats, great lyrics, and some pretty fantastic dance moves. Music lovers of Philadelphia, you cannot miss out on Darwin Deez .

Cancel your plans for July 12th because you're going to want to be at Johnny Brenda's to see Darwin Deez, with Caged Animals supporting. For those of you haven't yet heard of Darwin Deez, please do your ears a favor and take a listen.  Not only do they write their own music, but they have also headlined quite a few world-wide tours and put out some awesome music videos. Darwin Deez's videos are full of great choreography, as seen in the video for their single "DNA", really cool effects, such as jumping coffee in "Constellations", not to mention brilliant typographical elements; I'm talking about "Darwin Deez" spelled out by waffles in the video for "Radar Detector".  This pop group puts on a super eccentric show that will not only leave you yearning to check out their brand new self titled album, if you haven't already, but you'll surely be craving for the next time they grace our wonderful city with their presence.

See you there!

Johnny Brenda's. 1201 Frankford Avenue. Philadelphia, PA 19125. Purchase Tickets Here