Nine Inch Nails, Wilco, Hoots & Hellmouth?
The West Philadelphia indie-folk band is in good company when it comes to embracing progressive technology. Hoots will be releasing a new iPhone app sometime within the next few weeks, being one of a handful of bands with an app on the store. The application will include songs from the band’s two albums, videos of the band and information such as a biography and photos. The most interesting part of the yet-to-be released application is the “virtual washboard.” Sounds awesome.
Hoots & Hellmouth aren’t just releasing an iPhone app, today marks the release of the band’s new album The Holy Open Mouth, released on Drexel’s Mad Dragon Records. The iPhone app was also developed in-house at Drexel.
The band played two record release shows this past weekend but won’t be back in town until the first week of August when they play Musikfest in Allentown.