This weather is kind of a drag. All it takes is a little rain to make me realize how much I enjoy warm, sunny days. However, just because the outdoor conditions are less than ideal doesn't mean it's impossible to have a bit of fun indoors. We've rounded up a few indoor activities that'll hold you over until the sun decides to show his face around these parts again.

Celebrate the hockey playoff season at the Shops at Liberty Place for a Flyers Pep Rally at noon on Tuesday, April 29. Fans will have the chance to score tickets to that night's home game as well as scoop up some other free goodies.

After school, kids can head to the Brunswick Zone in Deptford, NJ and lace up their shoes for After School Bowling Blast, where for three hours, starting at 2:30 p.m., students through 12th grade can get unlimited bowling, pizza and beverages every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Food is great—you don't need me to tell you that—but bite sized food doesn't get the love it surely deserves. You can become the master of tapas at Annie B's Kitchen in Newtown, PA on Tuesday, April 29 during a cooking class at 6 p.m. on how to prepare a few of these appetizers.

Whenever it's gloomy out, movie marathons seem all the more appealing. The touring Black Maria Film Festival hits the Ambler Theater at 7:30 p.m. where viewers can screen over 50 independent short films and videos selected specifically for the festival on Tuesday, April 29.

You can also round out Philadelphia Jazz Appreciation Month at World Café Live Philadelphia for Who Got The Jazz? This tribute to jazz poet Gil Scott Heron goes down on Tuesday, April 29 at 8 p.m. and guests will soak in the musical stylings of Nimrod Speaks, Dirk Quinn and Robert Kenyatta.

The Free Library of Philadelphia has been celebrating the "Year of the Bard," in honor of Shakespeare's 450th birthday and what a better way to celebrate than to channel some of his techniques into your own writing? On Wednesday, April 30, get in touch with your emotions at Love, Wit, and Madness: A Shakespearean Creative Writing Workshop at 7 p.m. and incorporate these all too familiar themes (that Shakespeare was particularly fond of utilizing) into your own creative writing piece.

While the period drama Downton Abbey may be on hiatus for the time being, you can still revel in the beauty that is the fashion of the time. The Winterthur Museum in Winterthur, DE has the ongoing Costumes of Downtown Abbey exhibit open for display during the museum's hours. (They open at 10 a.m.)