The use of live instruments during hip hop performances is nothing new, as groups like The Roots have mastered this inclusion over the last two decades.  Possessing their own musical inclination, Philadelphia's own Philadelphia Slick set out 7 years ago on a quest to distinguish themselves with their live show ensemble.

At the helm of this group is the lyrically ambitious Noesis (rhymes with oasis), who has his own solo album 'The Way Things Work' set for a July 6th release.  To create a buzz about this album, Noesis has released the first single off the album titled 'A Picture'.  A number of things set this track aside; Noesis' uncanny comparison to both Nas and Mos Def, his use of vocal imagery, and the creativity this production offers as a whole.  'A Picture' is a track that presents a vintage example of the humble beginnings of hip hop, drawing on the flow and pace that so many built a career on.

To celebrate this release, the entire Philadelphia Slick band will be hosting a release party at the Triumph Brewery on July 7th.  Expect Philly Slick to dazzle the audience with a live instrument performance and the lyrical stylings that Noesis lays down.  Keep an eye out for one more feature that Noesis has to offer; he's been known to rip off saxophone solos during the performance, something that is seldom seen in any area of hip hop.

So remember to save the date for July 7th @ The Triumph Brewery!  For information on the release party, upcoming events, and anything else Philadelphia Slick, be sure to head to