This week the amazing Acro-Cats and Rock-Cats are coming all the way from Chicago to the Painted Bride Art Center in Old City, Philadelphia.

These amazing felines will perform remarkable feats of agility that will show off how intelligent and unique they really are. The Acro-Cats are able to push carts, ride skateboards, roll barrels, ring bells, turning on lights, walking tight ropes, jump through hoops and much more.

Samantha Martin is the Acro-Cats ringleader and handler who has spent her entire life fascinated by cats. Her fascination turned into the real thing when she studied animal behavioral sciences and earned her associate degree in animal husbandry and services. Martin went on become a professional animal trainer. She's noted for her work in commercial and industrial advertising that includes clients like Wal-Mart, Animal Planet, PetSmart and even MTV. You may have even seen the Acro-Cats perform on NBC, ABC and FOX news shows.

Samantha has decided to take her talents and passion on the road along with her crew of cat performers that are sure to shock and wow you with their above average animal talents.

In addition to the gymnastic-like talents of the Acro-Cats, audience members will get to witness the raw musical talents of The Rock-Cats–a five piece cat band who can groove on some jazz, Latin and island rhythms.

Don't miss the chance to see this rare spectacle!