Boogie Butts is the entirely real, not-at-all-exaggerated name of a 100-pound chocolate lab that managed to slip off his leash and run away from his owner, Jerry Butts, on Friday night. The next morning, Boogie turned up in Evansville, Indiana where he ran the whole 13.1-mile course of the YMCA Half Marathon. No owner. No leash. No fear.

The pup completed the course in 2 hours and 15 minutes, which means that he was nearly 10 minutes under the average time of 2:24:45.

Evansville Half Marathon organizers awarded the pup a medal and Boogie was reunited with his owner earlier this week.

When Boogie crossed the finish line, though, no one knew who he belonged to. Police sent out an alert and many people began posting about him on Facebook.

It was only after his owner noticed he was missing and went looking for him at the animal shelter, that he found out about Boogie's big accomplishment. [NBC14]