Earlier this month, embattled comedian Bill Cosby filed a lawsuit against accuser Judy Huth to the tune of $33,000, claiming that she attempted to extort him through allegations of sexual assault. Now, another accuser has filed a lawsuit against Cosby, claiming defamation following years of denials on the comedian's part.

Accuser Tamara Green has reportedly filed the lawsuit in Massachusetts District Court, claiming that Cosby, through lawyers and publicists, repeatedly denied her allegations, thus tarnishing her public image and giving rise to the perception that she is a liar. Consequently, she says she has been "ridiculed in her private life and professionally," according to TMZ.

This year, however, is not the first time we've heard Green's story. In fact, she claimed that Cosby drugged and groped her during a lunch date in the early 1970s way back in 2005 on the Today show, relaying the story to the Washington Post and Newsweek this year. Upon the initial public telling of Green's alleged assault, Cosby's lawyer at the time issued a statement calling Green's claims "absolutely false."

Incidentally, Green's lawsuit may have also found a way around the statute of limitations issue surrounding many of the Cosby allegations. A vast majority of the sexual assault claims against Cosby are 40 years old or more, so the window to file criminal charges has passed. However, since Cosby's actual denials are recent, Green's case may well make it to court.

Green is represented by lawyer Joseph Cammarata, who is best known for his representation of Paula Jones in her famed lawsuit against former President Bill Clinton. The pair will hold a news conference today at 3 p.m. to outline Green's case.