After rocking Made in America's Rocky Stage on Sunday, Queens rapper Action Bronson celebrated in the most Philadelphia way possible: with a Philly Taco.

Following his performance on the Parkway, Bronson headed down to — where else? — South Street to build his Philly Taco. But unfortunately, he used an Ishkabibble's steak wrapped in a Lorenzo's slice of pizza. Traditionally, the Philly Taco is made using a steak from Jim's Steaks with a Lorenzo's slice.

Regardless, that version of the Philly Taco appeared to be good enough for Bronson, who marked the photo with his hashtag seal-of-approval: "#F---thatsdelicious," he wrote.

Bronson also extended his South Street adventure out to clothing boutique Suplex, being as he was "in need of fire":

Bronson's Sunday performance went off almost without a hitch, with the emcee starting up his track "Brand New Car" minutes before Fabolous' show wrapped up over on the Liberty Stage, causing "a few minutes of annoying sonic bleed." However, the heat was much more of a problem that day.

"It's hard to be fat in the summer," Bronson joked during his set.

And with any luck, the Philly Taco was somehow of help there. Bon appétit, Bronson.