What ultimately will happen with The Daily Show once Jon Stewart retires later this year is anyone's guess at this point, but America knows who it would like to see take his seat once the time comes. According to a recent poll, that person is the pride of Upper Darby herself, Tina Fey.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll determined that outcome in a survey of about 1,300 registered U.S. voters, with Fey taking 19 percent of the vote. Which, in many ways, simply makes sense — especially given Fey's stellar stint as anchor on SNL's 'Weekend Update.' Many of the other options, however, don't seem as logical.

In second place, for example, was Dennis Miller, who trailed Fey with 16 percent of the vote. Following Miller were John Oliver, Brian Williams and Craig Ferguson with 7 percent of the vote apiece, and Chelsea Handler with 5 percent.

Miller, of course, was also a 'Weekend Update' anchor, though he preceded Fey as an SNL cast member in the 1980s. However, with Miller currently serving as a conservative pundit for Fox News, it would seem odd that fans see a decidedly liberal program like The Daily Show as an appropriate outlet. Fey, on the other hand, seems to have both the sense of humor and political leanings that have served the show well for nearly 20 years now.

A stint as Daily Show host, though, doesn't seem likely. Fey's newest sitcom, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, recently premiered on Netflix and already has a second season locked down. And this comes just a couple years after 30 Rock wrapped following a seven-season run, so another long-term commitment like The Daily Show would require doesn't seem in line with the direction Fey's been going lately.

But, hey, a country can dream. And Comedy Central can make an offer.