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Cory Booker swears he isn't Batman, but wants to be Enterprise Captain in 2016

If you haven't been keeping score at home, you might not have realized that Newark Mayor Cory Booker has been racking up political points with a heavy presence on social media platforms.

If you haven't been keeping score at home, you might not have realized that Newark Mayor Cory Booker has been racking up political points with a heavy presence on social media platforms. Amid his busy schedule rescuing animals, saving people from burning buildings, one-upping Governor Chris Christie every chance he gets, representing Newark's interests, and flying into space to reverse Earth's rotation so he could go back in time and find a way to save more things, Mayor Booker managed to stop by Reddit for another AMA on Sunday night.

During the back-and-forth with the keepers of the Internet, Mayor Booker launched his campaign for Enterprise Captain, addressed accusations that he is the Batman, and discussed numerous political issues facing Newark, the Jerz, and America as a whole. Here are some of the gems:

On drugs:

How many more tax dollars will we sink into this travesty? How many more potentially productive lives will we allow to be destroyed? We have done many things in Newark to try to address this issue and have had good successes - but ultimately they are islands of excellence amidst a sea of failure. I am very motivated to become a United States Senator to work on these issues, joining the voices already doing so. I do wish more people on the Federal level would speak up forming a chorus of compassion and conviction for constructive reform. If elected I will be a loud and relentless voice for change and pragmatic policies that empower people and save tax dollars. If you are interested in my views on this issue, PLEASE, PLEASE READ MY POST FROM MY LAST AMA ON THIS ISSUE also copied below:

On accusations that he's Batman:

Please! I am a 40 something, out of shape, overweight, guy who looks ridiculous in tights - there will be no pictures. Now there is significant evidence that Batman IS from Newark. And one of my staffers (Matt Klapper) does look a little bit like the boy wonder. . . . truth be told there is nothing Dark Night about me.

I love comics, I love superheroes. I've been inspired by this fiction all my life and dreamt as a kid about living such a daring life of do-gooding. But now that I'm older and my Underoos don't fit anymore, I have a much more mature understanding of heroism.

On his relationship with Governor Christie:

But you did ask about me. . . I have taken criticism for my relationship with the governor and even for doing one spoof video with him. But I stand by all of it. Frankly, I am a bit exhausted by the partisan nature of our nation and the mistaken belief that we can't be fierce advocates for important issues and not be civil to one another . . . even friends with one another. We are losing something if we can't even show kindness to each other, can't laugh with each other, can't bond or connect across our disagreements. In the end, we have so much more in common than that which separates us - this country can only rise if we see our common spaces as a foundation upon which to build a better America.

On a potential Enterprise Captain/Presidential run:

Yes! Unequivocally I would consider running for President of the New Jersey Star Trek Club in 2016. I have been a lifelong Trekker and to run for such an important position would be the fulfillment of a childhood dream - up there with defending the Earth from The Borg. . . Now if you were talking about President of the United States. . . please. 44 people have held that position in the history of our country. We need to stop looking at that as the be all and end all of elected service. This country needs more people that focus on where they are and the urgent call to service before us. In fact, if we were to be honest, were do we need greater leaders right now - the White House or Congress. I believe Congress. I hope to join that great body and am strongly considering a run to do just that. My focus and passion right now has more to do with serving Newark in 2013 than anything happening in 2016. Oh and "Boldly Go for Booker For Enterprise Captain 2016!"

On his hypothetical Ben & Jerry's flavor:

Dough Unto Others: Cookie Dough, Coffee Ice Cream, Cake Batter Ice Cream, with swirls of creamy peanut butter (cause this whole thing is a little nuts).

On the Twitters:

I think we are only at the beginning of seeing the impact of social media in politics. Frankly, I hope and believe that social media can be a constructively disruptive force in politics. The last decade many people have been talking about "E-Government" but we need to move to "We-Government." The spirit and practice of social media and technology today is really about bucking the hierarchical, top down, inside out paradigm and moving toward the collaborative, cooperative, interdependent model. In social media and the world of technology people work together, there is "open source", there are feedback loops, transparency, data is free and available, and people build and contribute on common platforms and we all benefit. Government needs to catch up to that. It needs to be more interactive, more open and more accessible to community contributions in real time.

So many people have come to see politics as a spectator sport. We relegate ourselves to cheering for our side - to giving color commentary on what is happening. We divorce ourselves from the process and hope that "those people" down in Washington fix things. Well the reality is there exists powerful, potentially limitless wisdom, experience, knowledge, ingenuity and creativity in our Nation. That deep well of resources needs to be a part of the process, and government needs to have a real partnership with people. Right now I don't think we are anywhere near where we need to be in creating that partnership.

Check out Mayor Booker's latest AMA in its entirety over at Reddit.