The tour situation for Bill Cosby continued to deteriorate last week, with the embattled comedian reportedly having used a decoy to avoid hecklers and reporters when leaving his Friday show in Sandusky, Ohio.

Exclusive video of the incident comes to us from Detroit's 7 Action News, which attempted to obtain comment from Cosby about the numerous sexual assault allegations facing him that have piled up since November of last year. However, Cosby, who has issued denials through his representatives, appears to have had no interest in the discussion and subsequently "pulled an elaborate bait and switch" to avoid it:

They rushed a man outside the theater, covered in a heavy winter coat, and pushed him into the SUV. The motorcade took off, with a police escort.

At the same time, Cosby was placed in another SUV at another side door, witnessed by Action News. Our cameras captured that SUV speeding away.

The comical lengths security took to protect the star, shows how on edge he and his team are amid the allegations. At many of Cosby's shows, protesters and throngs of media have greeted him.

Interestingly, the Sandusky stop on Cosby's tour went off with few problems, and just two protesters reportedly showed up. The Canadian stops from last month, meanwhile, were marred by protests consistently.

Detroit's 7 Action News team actually caught up with Cosby once before at his London, Ont. show in early January, where they were initially invited into the event to record his performance. However, at the last minute, Cosby's team banned videotaping in the venue due to worries over protesters at that show.

That particular incident also reportedly ended with Cosby fleeing the scene:

Only Action News cameras captured his convoy avoiding the protesters and the media, rushing from the back of the arena moments after the show ended.

His security team, blocking our vehicle, and running a red light through a snowy London, in an effort to get the star safely to his nearby hotel. 

Cosby, meanwhile, has never been charged with a crime in connection with the sexual assault allegations against him. His next scheduled live show is scheduled for Feb. 8 at Boston's Wilbur Theatre.

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