Actor and comedian Bill Murray may have been a no-show at this year's Emmy Awards, but it was for a very good reason: He was here in Philadelphia celebrating his son's wedding. Priorities, you know.

Sightings of the Ghostbusters star began around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, when locals reported via social media that Murray was spotted at Oscar's Tavern:

As it turns out, he was in Philly because his son, Luke Murray, an assistant men's basketball coach at Ohio's Xavier University, was married Sunday to South Philly native Kara Cassidy, former assistant women's basketball coach at University of Pennsylvania.

As HughE Dillon reports, from Saturday's rehearsal dinner at the Acorn Club to Sunday's ceremony at St. Monica's and the following reception at the Bellevue, the whole thing appears to have gone off fantastically:

"I hear Bill was very generous with gifts for the wedding couple, helping out with the most beautiful wedding to hit the Bellevue since Sabrina Tamburino Thorne's," Dillon wrote of this weekend's festivities. Murray also reportedly bought out the Bellevue's 27th floor for wedding guests and prep.

Even Luke's uncle, actor Joel Murray, showed up — along with some classic SNL writers:

It was, it seems, a good enough time for Murray to miss Sunday's Emmy Awards, during which he nabbed a win for best supporting actor for his role as Jack Kennison on HBO's Olive Kitteridge. Naturally, several locals pointed that fact out:

Currently, as Dillon points out, the Murrays' gift registry is still live, should you feel the need to return the gift of Bill Murray's presence in our fine city. Really, those duvet covers look like a steal.