When it comes to famous Temple University graduates, a couple of names come up more than any others: Bill Cosby and Bob Saget. And now, with Cosby's image tarnished due to an ongoing sexual assault allegation scandal, Saget may reign supreme as the school's "most respected" alumnus.

That was the topic of discussion on Tuesday's broadcast of WMMR's Preston & Steve, on which Saget appeared to both promote his upcoming shows at the Theatre of Living Arts and discuss his strong Philadelphia roots.

"I have a connection with Temple University," Saget said in what was essentially his only serious comment in the interview. "They were great to me."

"If Temple calls, I would be happy to do surgeries for them," he added, joking about his initial interest in a medical career.

And while Saget is now known for his decidedly blue humor, he may now have "shifted into a more prominent position" as Temple's "most respected," or at least most popular, graduate. Especially "in light of the recent information coming out" about Cosby, as Preston and Steve suggested on the show.

"I would put Hall & Oates over me, but that's me," Saget said of his apparently newfound designation.

When it came to the topic of Cosby's alleged assaults, however, Saget was slightly more forward.

"I don't want to tarnish anything," he said. "It's a complicated world we're in, isn't it? People that are your heroes are sometimes incredibly disappointing by turning out to be douchey people."

"I get all my problems out on stage," Saget later added. "I just want to love the people I love — physically, right at the show."

Saget will be in town Saturday, April 18, for two performances at the TLA — one early and one late. Tickets are currently available here.